With the recent Joe Rogan interview with Oliver Stone regarding his new documentary “Nuclear Now“, it is worth taking a look at energy production in the United States.

In aggregate, natural gas and petroleum are the largest sources of energy in the United States, but Coal, Nuclear and Renewable make up about 30% of total energy production:

Energy production from Coal in the United States is still about 10% in total production, but with some egregious outliers by specific states:


Total energy production from Nuclear power plants is about 8%, but also has huge variation by state:

Lastly, energy production from renewables (Biomass, Hydropower, Geothermal, Wind & Solar) has been increasing rapidly in certain states and made up about 13% of total energy consumption:

In aggregate, the United States is headed in the right direction but it is still a hot topic with climate change and pollution.  In 1900 coal made up 71.4% of US production so we can say that progress has been made.


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